The Fine Line

Al and Efrat blend their rich voices and performance styles to bring a tasty buffet that can please even the most discerning palate. Their shows always include a savory blend of original music and select great songs from great songwriters, delivered with a colorfully engaging style that both entertains and informs.  And, every show is different. 

It all began when Al Grigg and Efrat Sharon were brought together by a mutual friend back in 2012. Their shared fast pace, high energy and constant pursuit to expand their musical selection, made the match work from the first moment. So much so that they performed a well-received show at "Greenwich Village Bistro" in New York City on the very first day they met after a thirty minute rehearsal on the sidewalk outside the venue. 

Al and Efrat work together, both as a duo and jointly with a larger group of musicians, including Fred Peterson (drums), and Jeff Taylor (bass),  who were formerly part of The Flying Dogs of Jupiter until in 2013 all joined “The Fine Line”.

As “The Fine Line”, they have toured the Tri-State area playing festivals, bars, restaurants, lounges, coffee houses, taverns, private parties and events, and more.

Al Grigg

Al Grigg has been active in the music scene since 1975 performing quality music throughout four continents and releasing a string of albums and CD's over the years. He has had a long music presence that includes playing solo and with bands in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, most recently leading the indie band The Flying Dogs of Jupiter (FDOJ) based right here in NYC. Al has released three CD's of well received music with FDOJ. Al also owns Jovian Records, an indie label that recently released singles from several New York and New Jersey based artists.

Efrat Sharon

Efrat Sharon started singing and playing in her home country Israel, bringing her music to North America in 2000. Since then, Efrat has performed with New York based bands while continuing to write her own original material. Efrat's single "Doomia" was released November 1st 2013 on Jovian Records.